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CCTV video surveillance solutions for schools

The propensity of young people to use violence has increased alarmingly in recent years. Besides damages to property resulting from break-ins, vandalism and theft, fights and violent disputes are on the increase at schools. Meanwhile, modern video surveillance solutions are increasingly used in schools and universities. They are supplied, for example, by Wenshin.

A feeling of security

Just the physical presence of a surveillance camera reduces theft, vandalism and violence to a minimum. In conversations with school officials it was found that teachers as well as caretakers, cleaning staff and pupils and students respectively felt considerably
safer once a video surveillance system had been installed.

Innovative and easy to use technology

Wenshin offers different recorders, servers and appliances depending on the particular needs of any school. All devices are high-resolution digital security recording systems. Any of those can be integrated with external data sources and/or connected into overriding management systems. Motion detection is integrated for all camera inputs. Thus, recording only takes places when there is an activity, which ensures that the existing storage is used effectively.

Furthermore, Wenshin offers vandal-resistant dome cameras, which even enable the video surveillance of the most sensitive areas. The high-resolution IP cameras provide clear and high-contrast images without any blooming or smearing effects.

Data protection requirements always met

Data protection requirements are not breached by monitoring schools. Usually, only the school exterior is monitored (playgrounds,
sports grounds etc.) and in any case the cameras can be turned off during the school day. Some cameras located in areas that are particularly prone to theft such as bicycle stands are set to record continuously. If no theft is reported, the data are automatically
overwritten after a specified period of time (e.g. two days if that is what the customer chooses).