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Four technical trends of Network CCTV Security

High Definition CCTV Security

The pursuit of high definition CCTV security focuses on two aspects: one is the lower illuminance and the other is higher definition.

The low illuminance is mainly depended on the camera, and there are star-light cameras with 2MP, 3MP and 5MP resolution ratio available on the market. Even under poor light environment, star-light cameras are still able to produce remarkable imaging effect. As deduction in cost, these products will gradually gain their popularity.

As for definition, currently the 720P and 1080P HD video cameras are popular, and the ultra HD products with 4K and 8K resolution have emerged as well. However, these ultra HD products place significant pressure on the security camera, transmission and back-end equipment characteristic by bringing huge data flow. At the same time, with the limitation on the target surface of ultra HD camera sensor, the sensing area for a single pixel decreases as the number of pixel increases. As the result, the colorized low-illuminance photos of ultra HD camera are hardly satisfying. Fortunately, the H.265 compression technique is invented and it can produce the same quality works with half compression rate compared with the current H.264 technique, hence wiping out the key obstacle for the ultra HD monitoring system. So the cameras, back-end NVR, screens and platform that support H.265 technique will be gradually applied in HD and ultra HD security system, bring better visual experience to users.

Intelligent Security

Traditional security camera system can only find monitoring data of video and photo in the dimension of space and time, so massive valuable information in data may be omitted and lead to low efficiency in data usage.  But the video intelligent analysis technique can identify the object and detect the movement characteristic attributes, also can extract relative characteristic data to form relevant structural data, founding the foundation for data mining analysis in big data.

Now the functions of voice and video diagnose, detecting invasion, object protection, illegal parking,   pedestrian counting, face recognition and vehicle license plate recognition are all can be realized by using the video intelligent analysis. However, since the complexity in the monitoring environment and lights, the reliability of intelligent analysis needs to improve. As the application of ultra HD monitoring system and the improvement of algorithm of intelligent analysis, the reliability of security system will be developed and enter a new era of monitor intelligence.

Cloud technology and Big Data

The massive date volume from HD monitoring places the system facing the issue of memory expansion. Simply expand the storage device is just adding an independent system, and the functionality and capacity among each independent memory point cannot be balanced. The cloud technique uses the virtual cluster to combine all storage nodes into one virtual pool, which supports liner expansion, so that data can realize automatic data migration after the node is being added, to ensure workload balance among storage nodes. If one single node is down, other devices can take over the job of this node so to ensure the reliability of this system. At the same time, the distributed deployment can improve the concurrence ability, further improving the inquiry and read-write speed for massive data. In safe city this security system that generate mass data every day makes the traditional technology very hard to fulfill the needs, so the advantage of cloud technology become more attractive.

Video monitoring system stores massive data, and these data contain huge information. Through intelligent analysis technique we can obtain many structural data, and if we dig into and analysis the data, we can make video surveillance improve from the manually spot check to efficient alarm in advance, postmortem analysis; So one step further to realize the intelligentized information analysis and prediction, bringing the profound revolution for video surveillance business.

Integrated security platform

The future security platform will develop toward the direction of integration. For example, the burglar alarm system, access control system and video monitoring system will be integrated, and then approach to the management platform of other industries through different ports, so to reducing the management and maintenance cost of the system.

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