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CCTV OEM service-our products, your brand | Wenshin-Leading video surveillance solution provider
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CCTV OEM service-our products, your brand

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) means that a manufacturer sells the products to another company, which resells the products under their own brand.

With our OEM service, that means we sell products to your company, and your company resells the products to your clients under your own brand .

OEM advantages:

  • very fast expansion of your existing product line,
  • preserve your existing brand, control customer relationships,
  • option to outsource all packaging and labeling.

1) Logo printing

We will put your brand on our products (cameras  & DVRs).

2) Customize label

We will customize products label with your own model number.

3) Customize user manual

We will customize user manual with your language and your brand.

4) Customize package box

We will customize package box with your own design. We can also print your Logo on the box.

5) marketing materials

We will provide marketing materials with your own brand.

Let’s grow your brand !